Jefferson County 4-H News

October19 National 4-H Week & One Day Event, Jr Leadership Lab, Club’s Corner, 4-H Connect, Outdoor Education, Clothing & Textiles/ Fashion Show, New Family Orientation, S.T.S.F, Heifer, Lambs & Goats Validations, Open House and 4-H Day in AggieLand

September19 Note from Agent, Annual Awards Program, Club’s Corner, New Family Orientation, S.T.S.F, Major Spring Shows, Texas Rice Festival, YMBL Tag in, Projects Kick off, Open House, Leader Training & District Council Meeting, Lamar University and Waller County Fair

August19 Annual Awards Program & Banquet, Note From the Agent, Club’s Corner, District Recordbook, State Dog Show, Projects, Misc. Livestock Show, Food & Nutrition Project & County Food Show, S.T.S.F, 2020 Lamb  & Goat Tags and Outdoor Education

July19 Texas State Roundup, County Record Books, S.T.S.F Tag Orders, District Horse Show, Awards Ad Book & Banquet, Dallas State Fair, Ad Sales and Summer Day Camps

June19 District Roundup, District Rifle, Recordbooks & Star Awards, Awards Program Ad Book, Ad Sales Form and Summer Day Camps

May19 South Texas State Fair, Club’s Corner, Recordbooks & Star Awards, County Rifle Match, 4H Day at the Capital & Leadership Lab

April19 4-H Membership, BBQ Fundraiser, Validation tags for Major Shows, Horse Validations, Leadership Lab, AG Day on “The Hill” and Summer camps

March19 Newsletter District Archery Match, Adult Leader Fundraiser, South Texas State Fair, County Fashion Show, District Horse Show & Validation, County Air Rifle Match, County Photography Contest, District Photography Contest

February19 Newsletter South Texas State Fair, County Lock-In, County Fashion Show, Storyboarad Workshop, BBQ Fundraiser, Pinewood Derby


August_September 2018 4-H Enrollment, District Recordbook results, State Horse & Dog show results, Club Manager Training, Livestock Extravaganza, State Fair, YMBL Fair & Winnie Rice Fest, Calf Scramble, New Family Orientation, Food Show Workshop, Open House, Project Leader Training

July 2018 TX Roundup, Multi-County Club Officer Training, State Rifle Match, District Horse Show, County Recordbooks, Awards Banquet, State Fair Info, Program Ads, Horse Project

June 2018 District Roundup, District Rifle, Record Books, Horse Project, Program Ads Fundraiser, Go Texan Scholarship

May 2018 South Texas State Fair Results, Record Books, County Rifle Match, 4-H Outdoor Education Project

April 2018 Youth Council Applications, County Fashion Show, Houston Livestock Show Results, County Dog Show Results, Validation Tags, County Photography Contest Results, BBQ Fundraiser

March 2018 District Archery, BBQ Fundraiser, Major Show Tags, Dog Shows

Feb 2018 County Round Up, Photography Contest, Annual BBQ Fundraiser, County Fashion Board & Story Board

January18 County Food Show, County Round Up, South Texas State Fair, Shooting Sports

Dec17 County Roundup, Fashion Story Boards, Rifle Project, South Texas State Fair, Fashion Show Workshop, Scholarships

Nov17 County Food Show & Workshop, South Texas State Fair, Project Updates, Major Livestock Show information

Oct17 Awards Program Update, Food & Nutrition Workshop, STSF, Archery, New Family Orientation, Major Livestock Show Info, Open House

september17 Jr. Lab, Update on cancelled/postponed programs, STSF, Swine tags for majors, Spring FI Heifer validation

August2017 Annual Awards Program, 4-H Dress Code, Projects, EEA Pecan Sales, Leader College, Food & Nutrition Project, South Texas State Fair, Calf Scrambles

July17 Texas State Round Up, TEEA Scholarship Winners, County Record Book Results, Dist. Horse Show participants, Awards Program AD Book, Misc Livestock Shows

june 2017 District Roundup Conference Results, District Rifle Results, Record Books, Star Awards, Steer Tag in for Majors, Swine Tag in for Dallas, Ad Sales Fundraiser, Go Texan Scholarship Winners, District 9 Community Service, Ad Sales Form

May17 South Texas State Fair, County Dog Show results, County Rifle Match results, Senior Lab, District & State Community Service Projects, Record Book & Star Awards Info

April17 4-H Membership Rules, Horse Validations, County Air Rifle Results, County Fashion Show Results, County Rifle Match, Major Show Tag Orders, County Photography Results, Senior Leadership Lab, Tractor Supply Clover Campaign, BBQ Fundraiser, 4-H Alumni Sign Up










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